The following questionnaire is an Online Consultation that would allow MD. Toro Parilli to make an evaluation of your case, while you are in your office or in the comfort of your home. The questionnaire is an easy and practical tool that can be filled out by any person in little time. Remember, the information you fill out and the pictures you send are strictly confidential, you should not omit information or send out wrong information. The cost of the consultation is $ 15.

In case you present any information while filling out the Online Consultation, please write us to the following address: asistente@toroparilli.com and specify the type of error you have encounter, so we can be able to give you support immediately.

To complete the Online Consultation with success, it is required for you to have pictures of your body, accordingly to the case, with this information MD. Toro Parilli could give you orientation in the treatments that are more suitable to your case. It is of utmost importance that the pictures do not have a resolution bigger than 1MB. Please, before you continue, verify the type of photography you will need to take, through the next button.
NOTE: In case of any inconvenient with the Online Consultation, please write to us to the following address: asistente@toroparilli.com.

Types of pictures


”The pictures must be taken by another person with good lighting and clarity”

Abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs:
You must upload full body pictures, wearing underware from the front, back and both profiles.
Face (Eyelids and eyebrows, ears, nose, lips, chin and jaw) and neck: 
You must upload pictures from your face, frontal and both profiles.
Breast and Pectorals:
You must upload pictures from the front and both profiles.